Output Voltage DC 24-28V nominal
Output Current 40-34.3A continuous
60 – 51.5A short term (4s)
Output Power 960W continuous
1440W short term (4s)
AC Input Voltage 3AC 380-480V (-15%/+10%)
AC Input Current 1.65 / 1.35A at 3x400 / 480Vac
Mains frequency 50-60Hz ±6%
Power factor 0.88 / 0.90 at 3x400 / 480Vac

Reliability With TEKPower

TEKPower is a compact, easy to install, cost effective and easy to expand 24V conveyor power supply. You can daisy chain multiple power supplies to reduce the number of power drops.

  • Max Amps = 40 Amps
  • Min Input Voltage = 3AC 380 VAC
  • Max Input Voltage = 3AC 480 VAC
  • Easy mounting with mount holes on the top and AC output for Daisy chaining multiple units
  • 4 x DC Output Pluggable Connectors with push-in spring connectors

*Daisy chaining is limited to the sum of the input current of each power supply not exceeding 10Amps.


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