Control mode for operating Blade Stops and other auxiliary devices that utilize an EC310 roller drive.

TEKBit allows more complex devices to operate on an Interroll conveyor system without having to add the complexity of a PLC and utilizing the Profinet, Ethernet/IP or EtherCat protocols. Thus, allowing a system to remain simple, cost effective and easy to install.

The TEKBit will connect to a multi-control card using one of the sensor/IO ports. The normal connected Zone PE will be fed to the multi control card through an M8 cable. The cable also carries an output from the card to optionally signal blade stop state.

The TEKBit is designed to automatically control a blade stop in a zone that is used to re-align cartons. The TEKBit will sense the carton at the end of the zone and utilize the blade stop to align the box and then signal to the Multi-control card that the carton is present for normal ZPA operation.

TEKBit has up to 8 selectable programs for different external devices to control.

TEKBit includes:

  • TEKBit controller
  • Flat Cable power tap and cable.
  • M8 IO cable to connect to Multi-Control module

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