TEKaSoftware Solutions


TEKaSphere Core system database housing all data, configurations and transactions
TEKaGUI Interface to Hardware control and system HMI
TEKaLogic Hardware automation controls that handles conveyor, equipment and robotics
TEKaLink Customer host interface (database, webservice, socket, file, etc.)
TEKaRoute Object(item, box, tote, tray, etc.) routing based on Static or Dynamic rules
TEKaLabel Dynamic and Static label generation and application
TEKaMeasure Item weighing, dimensioning and vision detection
TEKaID Barcode and RFID interfacing
TEKaVerify Order verification using data, measurement and object identification
TEKaFill Order Fullfillment engine for warehouse, pharmacy and E-commerce
TEKaPick Item picking using different picking technologies (handheld, lights, robotic, etc.)
TEKaPut Order consolidation using (carts, walls, sortation, robotics, etc.)
TEKaPack Order packing and completion (pack station, robotic, etc.)
TEKaShip Shipping label carrier interfacing, label generation and application
TEKaSecureCheck Interface to carriers to verify security status of inbound packages
TEKaBoard System metrics dashboard reporting engine (desktop, TV, web)
TEKaLogs Logging system that captures all events in a system and providing ability to trace all events
TEKaReports Reporting creation and viewing


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