About AuthenTEK LLC.

Technology • Engineering • Knowledge.

AuthenTEK Solutions, LLC. is a Texas corporation specializing in providing solutions for various industries. Our core focus is delivering high quality innovative solutions at a low cost of ownership. We pay special attention to customer needs and our products offer unique solutions that are easy to maintain and support. We recognize the importance of providing solutions that will run for many years without a lot of headaches.


Keeping up with technology is not an easy task these days.  So many new innovations and advances in technology has made it difficult for most companies to keep up.  At AuthenTEK we pride ourselves on offering the latest in software and hardware technology, partnering with the leading tech companies and with a bright team that is always looking for .


Innovative engineering is what allows us to offer solutions that are not only cost effective but also the most innovative in the marketplace.  Our in house experienced team of engineers is able to design and engineer solutions that are truly unique, affordable and have a low cost of ownership.  The end user is at the core of our approach when we engineer a system, and the goal of every product is to provide a well engineered solution that can be easily scaled.


Industry experience provides the staff at AuthenTEK with a solid foundation which helps us offer the best solutions.  Engineering and technology can only take you so far, without the knowledge and hands on experience well engineered solutions with good technology could result in impractical or unworkable results.  So many automation projects start with a good design on paper but end up failing because of the lack of experience of the team behind it.   With over 75 years of combined automation experience our team has the knowledge and background to build the best solutions in the market.

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